nana (slipp3rz) wrote,

ya well itz officially over now between me n jonathan. does he wanna get back with me? nope nope. so i guess theres nothing left to do. i was gonna call him but i noe he doesnt wanna talk to me. he thinks i kissed some kid. i noe i didnt. and i noe what happened. as long as i know, its fine. see he doesnt get that people never wanted us together in the fist place... but he doesnt believe me. n its okay. maybe now he'll find someone he can b happy with. neway i noe i havnt updated in a while but im back for a little while i jus wont b updating as much. comments? go ahead. i need them right about now. i promised him i wouldnt huRt myself. but that was when i thought we'd be together for a while. now it doesnt matter does it? now im really left with nothing. but w/o me in the way i noe he'll find happiness. toodles <3
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